MTC International Foundation. Inc. 

The MTC International Foundation (Reg. No.16650 in the State of California, USA) is currently being registered and incorporated as a non-profit corporation and recognized as a Section 501(c) (3) organization by the Internal Revenue Department of the US Government. Your contributions and donations will normally be tax deductible. Check with your accountant, financial adviser or tax office in your country of residence.

The primary sources of income of the “Foundation” comes from royalties earned from the copyright and distribution rights of a number of leading published books, plus research reports and articles published in the name of the “Foundation”.

The foundation directs donations and earnings to provide support to nominated wildlife sanctuaries in Kenya, which are members of the “Kenya Wildlife Conservation Association” and as decided by the management committee of the “MTC International Foundation".  In addition the “Foundation” also operates the South African Student Sponsorship Program (SASSP), which is under the personal supervision of Geoffrey Hebdon. As from 1 May, 2021 our Foundation has established a special fund named, “Jagger Library Restoration Fund” and is currently accepting donations to be passed to the University of Cape Town, to assist in the rebuilding of the library that was recently burned to the ground.


The management and staff of the MTC International Foundation, all serve on a voluntary basis therefore our non-profit charity also depends on the generous donations made by individuals, businesses and companies who are concerned regarding preserving and protecting wild life throughout the world and improving the education of the youth in the many under developed countries in the world, especially in Africa.


The following publications are currently sponsored by the MTC International Foundation.


  • The Delamere Saga - The Untold Story of Vale Royal Abbey ~ by Geoffrey Hebdon 

  • Masters and Slaves of Modern Religion ~ Edited by Geoffrey Hebdon

    Publications to be released soon:

  • Zero Hour of the Apartheid Regime of Zuid Afrika

  • The Birth, Life & Death of King Cotton

  • Masters & Slaves of Modern Marriage

  • Masters & Slaves of the Corporate World

  • Error 404 - The Mystery of the Man Who Never Was - Or The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived

  • Confessions of a Watchtower Slave – Twelve True Stories

  • The Egerton Saga - The Untold Story of Tatton Hall


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